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Real-estate portfolio

Over the years, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group, the largest privately owned real estate firm in France that remains unlisted, has built up a diversified property portfolio with a strong bias for commercial premises, striving to retain, develop and generate earnings from it.

For purposes of responsive and optimised management, the Group manages its own real-estate assets extending over some 740,000 m² in adjusted gross floor area (SHON), with some 2,000 tenants, comprising commercial and light industrial premises, offices, housing and student residences.

The Group's real-estate assets are mainly located in France, although with a growing presence also in Belgium.


Managing Director

A private property investor set up some thirty years ago, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group enjoys a sound background of real-estate experience. Originating from the property-development business, the Group rapidly grew to become a financial operator imposing its presence on the property-investment market in France and Belgium.

The Group's experience and self-reliance, together with its comprehensive range of skills, confer upon it the ability to react promptly and efficiently.

It consequently generates a sound financial base and assures sustainable growth.

Its strategy is based on the trust of all its partners.


The practice of the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group, a private real-estate company, is to invest in property with a view to building up and retaining the assets acquired. The Group invests in commercial property throughout France and Belgium.

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In order to guarantee optimum occupancy rates, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has set up a dedicated rental sales department handling freed tenements and lease renewals. The sales team acts as the interface with tenants and specialist estate agents, or works directly with developers and prospects to provide customised rental solutions.

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