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The practice of the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group is to invest in property with a view to building up and retaining the assets acquired.

The Group invests in commercial property throughout France and Belgium. The Group invests directly in commercial premises, whether existing or projected, in city centres or in peripheral commercial zones (retail parks, shopping centres, galleries, etc.). It positions itself upstream of development programmes by contracting pre-completion sales transactions opposite regional or national developers or in partnership with them.

The Group, historically head-quartered in Toulouse, also purchases offices, although mainly in Toulouse, Paris and Brussels.

Acquisitions in France:

Types of transaction sought:

  • Properties, whether existing or projected (sold prior to completion – VEFA – or on deferred terms – VAT) let or pre-let preferably to nationwide retail brands (the Vivarte Group, Boulanger, Darty, Animalis, C&A, Kiabi, Go Sport, etc.);
  • Numerous single-shot assets (“shoe-box” stores, supermarkets, medium-scale retailers, etc.);
  • Portfolios of a unit amount ranging between 10 and 80 million euros;
  • Medium-sized retail parks, whether wholly-owned, in co-ownership or in partnership with developers;
  • Partnership transactions either with developers (VEFA pre-completion transactions or VAT deferred-terms transactions) or with other investors;
  • Targeted direct investment in hotels (long-term, fixed-rent investor leases with leading hotel chains or under a master franchise);
  • Selective buyouts of partners' interests (50% of an entity owning commercial premises located on the outskirts).

Vendor partners:

  • Institutional partners, notably the following: Redevco, Altarea, Corio, Sepric, Carrefour Property, Immorente, Gereif, Proudreed, and others;
  • Specialist developers, among others the Pacaud Group, Bouygues Immobilier, the Chesse Group, RMBE, Redeim, the Guedj Group;
  • Numerous family offices, whether investors or former commercial-premises operators;
  • Sale & lease-back transactions, for example with But at two sites.

Acquisitions in Belgium:

Types of transaction sought:

  • Any high-return commercial property;
  • Acquisition of non-commercial properties if let with firm leases for a minimum of 12 years;
  • With a minimum ticket for each investment ranging between 3 and 80 million euros; above that maximum, an investor partnership is set up.

Types of transaction carried out:

  • Direct buyout of property (Asset Deal);
  • Buyout of owning company if the net carrying value held by the company in the asset represents at least 75% of the asset's value (Share Deal);
  • Buyout of emphyteutic leases with a residual maturity of at least 50 years;
  • Buyout of Property Finance Lease (“Crédit Bail” finance lease in France);
  • Forward Funding project buyout, provided the underlying real-estate asset is 80% let with a higher-risk tenant rent guarantee scheme for the remaining 20%.

Vendor partners:

  • International investment funds that wish to sell their assets when their products mature;
  • Operators seeking a Sale & Lease Back of their assets;
  • Private operators conducting arbitrages;
  • Developers who sell off their products on completion or on a Forward Funding basis.

Since the Group's debt is small, it currently enjoys a very sizeable acquisition potential, which it fully intends to use in the next two years.

The FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group's major strength resides among others in its sole shareholder block, which remains in control of its group, making for immediate and decisive responsiveness, while safeguarding complete confidentiality.

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