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Acquisition highlights : 

france and belgium

Since its creation the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has built up an important property portfolio.
Here are a few examples of flagship acquisitions in the past two years:

Bruxelles, Evere - Belgium

Offices, Carrefour Belgium Headquarters and commercial areas - 60,000 sqm
Acquisition Price (deed in hand) : approximately €50M, 18th June 2014.

The Financiere Teychene Group successfully managed to acquire the Carrefour Belgium Headquarters from Redevco.

This building is located in Brussels area, more precisely, within Evere’s district. Geographically next to the Zaventem airport, Evere has a large population density that highly contributes to the attractiveness of our commercial complex located below Carrefour offices.

With a surface of roughly 60,000 sqm, the «Olympiades» center holds 20,000 sqm of office spaces rented to Carrefour, 15,000 sqm of commercial areas (with a 12,000 sqm’s Carrefour hypermarket), and 1,000 parking spaces.

No vacancies have to be noticed for the commercial areas and the commercial lease for the offices has been renewed for a close period of 8 years.

This major acquisition, allows Financiere Teychene Group to own a Belgian portfolio with a value of €110M, and definitely underlines our willingness to become a top player in the Belgian real estate market.

Retailers : Carrefour Planet, ING Belgique, Lunch Garden, Auto 5 and Pearle.

Île de France, Saint Maximin - France

Retail park - 17,000 sqm
Acquisition price (Deed in hand): €42.7M, 31st March 2014.

Acquisition from JMP Expansion at Saint-Maximin (60), the owner of the «Saint Max Avenue» shopping center, of a concept store of 17,000 sqm divided in average surfaces. This project will implement well-recognized brand, such as Maisons du Monde (4 ,700 sqm), H&M (2,160 sqm), Nike Factory Store (1,050 sqm), Armand Thiery, Sergent Major, Celio, etc. Furthermore, offices for local companies will also be created to retain local activities within the shopping centre.

The group successfully managed to understand this acquisition’s attractiveness due to its prime localization, its wonderful architecture and the fairness of its price offer.

VEFA acquisition (sale before completion transaction).

Retailers : Maisons du Monde, H&M, NikeFactory Store, Armand Thiery, Sergent Major, Celio, Rouge Gorge, Atol, Damart, Cassis et Paprika, Jennyfer, Camaieu, Brice, Carré Blanc, Hippopotamus, Au Bureau, Orange, So Beauty, Saint Algue, Subway, etc ...

Bruxelles, Vilvoorde - Belgium

Offices, C&A European headquarters - 31,000 sqm
Acquisition Price (deed in hand): Approximately €40M, 
25th June 2013.

The Financière Teychené Group managed to make the acquisition, from Redevco, of office spaces, currently serving as C&A headquarters.

The building, located in Brussels’ suburbs, is part of a famous office area (Cargovil) in Brussels’ northern region, next to Zaventeem Airport and Brussels’ ring road.

Senneberg’s building holds over 24,000 sqm of offices,as well as 7,000 sqm of mixed use areas (company restaurant, meeting rooms, and more...). 591 parking spaces, situated outside, are also available.

Portfolio Marengo – France

Retail surface - 17,500 sqm
Acquisition price (deed in hand) for the 3 sites: €35.6M,
 15th November 2013.

The Financiere Teychené Group made an acquisition of three real estates assets located in the Parisian area (Sainte Genevieve des bois (91) - Orgeval (78) - Maurepas (78)) from a foreign institutional seller represented by Cushman and Wakefield investors, MARENGO Portfolio’s appointed asset manager. This Portfolio is rented to 14 national brands as La Foir’Fouille (formerly Darty), Boulanger, La Halle, La Halle aux Chaussures, Maison du Monde, Eurodif, Générale d’Optique, Festi… which, in all, represent approximately 17,500 sqm (Net Gross Floor Area) in which 13,600 sqm are dedicated to retail spaces.

The assets are all located in a prime commercial area: ZAC de la croix blanche (Sainte Genevieve des Bois), ZAC Maison Blanche (Orgeval) and ZAC Pariwest (Maurepas)

Retailers :

  • Sainte Geneviève des Bois : La Foir’Fouille (ex Darty) and Animalis.
  • Orgeval : Boulanger, La Halle and La Halle aux Chaussures.
  • Maurepas : Maisons du Monde, Eurodif, Générale d’Optique, Festi, Garden Price, …

Vastned Portfolio (BE)

Shopping Centers, retail parks and commercial premises - 32,000 sqm
Acquisition Price deed in hand : Around €35M, 22nd December 2014

The Financiere Teychené Group proceeded to an acquisition from Vastned Retail Belgium of a retail portfolio in Belgium outskirt, located in Vilvoorde , Tongeren , Hoboken , Bree , Flémalle , Genk, Mons, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Waterloo and Antwerp.

Those assets wich contains shopping centers, retail parks and separate locals, have a total area of ​​more than 32,000 sqm.

The acquisition of this diversified portfolio (geographically and rental) allows the Financiere Teychené Group to increase his Belgian real estate for more than €160 million and confirmed his desire to be a major player in this market.

Cushman & Wakefield has advised in this transaction.

Retailers : Aldi, Decor Heytens , C & A, Shoe Discount , Kruidvat, Zeeman, Damart , Z , etc.

Sens - France

Retail park - 17,000 sqm
Acquisition Price (deed in hand) : €24.2M, 9th October 2014.

The Financiere Teychené Group acquired a retail park in future completion (EFA ) of  17,000 sqm. This project of 29 commercial cells is located in Sens (Yonne - 89) , in the wake of the new cultural and commercial area "Les Portes de Bourgogne" in the south of the city.

The retail park will face a Auchan hypermarket and gallery , opened in late 2012 and will be completed by a 7 multiplex cinemas , an Accor hotel and a McDonald's restaurant. The project, which is scheduled to open for September 2015, will feature quality brands like Intersport on more than 1,600 sqm and Maisons du Monde on 1,200 sqm.

Retailers : Intersport , Maisons du Monde , Gifi , Easy Cash , Aubert, Tati, Gemo , La Halle, the Office Mim , Orchestra, Kisly , La Grande Recre , Roland Réauté , etc ...

Tiger Portfolio – France

Retail surface - 13,800 sqm
Acquisition Price (deed in hand): €23.7M, 26th September 2012.

Redevco sold to our company the TIGER portfolio, embodied by four different real estate products. Three of them are located outside and one inside Parisian region. These estates are located in attractive places: ZAC des Couleures in Valence (26), Actipôle La Neuvillette in Reims (51), Pôle Auchan Leers in Roubaix city (59) and ZAC Pariwest in Maurepas (78).

These assets are rented to twelve strong local different companies that are mainly subsidiaries. The total surface acquired represents a gross surface of approximately 13,800 sqm, with more than 11,700 sqm of actual selling surface.

Stores concerned:

  • Valence : Go Sport and C&A.
  • Reims : La Halle, La Halle aux Chaussures and Kiabi.
  • Lys-Lez-Lannoy : Tati.
  • Maurepas : Château d’Ax, Orchestra, DPAM, Mim and Grand Optical.

Paris, Saint-Denis - France

Hotel 4* - 7,400 sqm
Acquisition price (deed in hand): €21.2M,
 27th June 2013.

Acquisition of a Bouygues Immobiler finalized project embodied by a 4* hotelbuilding, located in Saint Denis (93), Place de la Porte de Paris. This project, of roughly 7,421 sqm, will offer 156 rooms and 2 luxurious suite, a restaurant, meeting places and various others rooms. The hotel will also provide 32 underground parking spots.

This project was designed by the architecture firm AGA (Antoine Grumbach and Associates). Moreover, it will benefit from a BBC certification and a High Environmental Quality validation.

The international company NOVOTEL (ACCOR GROUP) will manage this building starting from its opening in 2015.

VEFA acquisition (sale before completion transaction).

Le Havre, Gonfreville l'Orcher - France

Retail park - 13,000 sqm
Acquisition Price (deed in hand): €18.9M in two parts, on the 27th September 2013 (€13.2M), and on the 6th May 2014 (€5.7M).

This project was realized jointly with Redeim, Real estate Promoter focusing its activity on retail and Adim (Vinci’s regional subsidiary) is a retail park extremely well located on the major round about accessing the shopping center « L’océane ». Leclerc represents the leading entity of this site, which is on Le Havre’s periphery.

The group, in partnership with Redeim partnered with a split of 50/50 to acquire the two parts of the program built by Vinci Construction, certified HQE (High Environmental Quality), including 15 commercial stores and developing a total floor area of slightly less than 13,000 sqm with 10,750 sqm of retail space.

The Intersport (2,800 sqm of retail space) is leased by Jacky RIHOUET, president of the group and one of its largest franchisees, who operate the largest store of the brand in France to date.

This is an Off-plan purchase (sale in future completion) of each of 2 parts of the program.

Stores concerned: Gifi, Gemo, Chauss'Expo, Zeeman, Bébé 9, Orchestra, Intersport, Shop Coiffure, King Jouet, Blue Box, Festi, Yseal coiffure, Model’s...

Lyon, Saint Bonnet de Mure - France

Retail park - 11,500 sqm
Acquisition price deed in hand : €18.7M, 11th September 2014

The Financiere Teychené acquired the Plain Park located in « Saint Bonnet de Mure », wich is the third operation of this amplitude this year.

The program developed by Guignard Promotion ( promoter and large regional public works contractor) is a HQE retail park of approximately 14,000 sqm.

Ideally located along the RN 6 at the east of Lyon, the retail park is served by direct access from the roundabout on the road to Grenoble (RN 6).

The Financiere Teychené, advised by Donka Ruggiu, who also managed the rental commercialisation , has acquired on this park sixteen commercial areas out of twenty-four.

On a total of 11.500 sqm, 9,730 sqm of retail space are rented including Intersport stores, Tati, the Foir'Fouille, C&A and Chauss’Expo. Two premises were bought by users and others being kept in the portfolio by the Guignard Group.

At the opening on last August 27th,this retail park was entirely rented and realized excellent performance.

Easy Cash was even ranked first store of the brand in France while the parking (540 spaces) is often full.

Tenants: Intersport, Tati, La Foir’Fouille, C&A, Chauss’Expo, Chocolats de Neuville, Khaan, Easy Cash, La Pataterie, Vert Baudet, Celio, Bleu Libellule, Carré Blanc, Passage Bleu, Boulangerie Marie Blachère and Comptoir de Famille.

Maaseik - Belgium

Retail park - 10,000 sqm
Acquisition price (Deed in hand): €12.3M
, 26th June 2013.

The Financière Teychené group purchased, through a 50% owned subsidiary, the «Kloosterbempden» retail park, located in Maaseik, next to Netherlands’ border.

Opened and developed by ING Real Estate in 2006, this «Retail Park» won the «Best Retail park Shopping Award» in 2008.

The Kloosterbempden Retail Park has 11 stores, for a 10,000 sqm commercial area, and is rented to national and international brands such as Colruyt, Blokker, Casa, Leenbakker, Bart Smit, JBC, Shoe Discount or Action.

Retailers : Colruyt, Blokker, Casa, Leenbakker, Bart Smit, JBC, Shoe Discount and Action.

Waterloo - Belgium

Hotels: Martin's Grand Hotel (4*) and Martin's Lodge (3*) - 6,000 sqm
Acquisition price deed in hand : €11.5M, 25th June 2014.

The Financiere Teychené acquired from the Group MARTIN'S HOTELS, two hotels located on the « Sucrerie site » at Waterloo. The Martin's Grand Hotel and The Martin's Lodge.

Martin's Grand Hotel (4 stars) is for  « business » customers. He has about 80 rooms, meeting rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a fitness club and a parking, all on a surface of 5,000 sqm.

Martin's Lodge (3 stars) is located at the entrance of Martin's Grand Hotel. This 30 rooms Hotel is more addressed to families. This site represents a surface of approximately 1,000 sqm.

Portfolio Holding Eurepa - Switzerland

Shopping centers - 18,000 sqm
Acquisition price of 10% of the shares (deed in hand): €11M, 8th March 2013.

The Financiere Teychene Group expands in Switzerland, purchasing 10% stake of the holding EUREPA’s shares whose shareholders include several private investors. This holding managed to purchase from the SEPRIC DEVELOPMENT promotion group, three different real estate sites in Bulle, Collombey and Etoy, all located in Switzerland.

These assets are leased to retailers with national and international expertise such as Migro, Orchestra, Vogele, Ochner Sport, Optic 2000. It involves a total gross surface of over 18,000 sqm.

Financiere Teychene group intends to invest in other Swiss assets in order to develop and strengthen its international presence.

Stores concerned: Migro, Orchestra, Vogele, Ochner Sport, Optic 2000, C&A, New Yorker, Maxi Bazar and Micasa.

Keyser Center – Antwerp, Belgium

Shopping Center - 4,800 sqm
Shares Acquisition price: €9M,
 10th September 2013.

The Financière Teychené Group made an acquisition, by purchasing 100% of KEYSER CENTER SA Company’s shares (owned by an investment fund managed by AXA REIM, Property Trust Luxemburg SARL), of the Keyser Center Shopping Complex.

The building, of roughly 4,813 sqm, is located in the center of Antwerp, between the central station and the Meir (one of the most famous retail area of Belgium). This place is a co-ownership between three different entities; the other two are UGC cinema (Fonciere Image Belgique) and Interparking (parking of the center).

Retailers : Match, Health City, Wagamama, Chiquita Fruit Bar, Kaiseki and Simit Sarayi.


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