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Since its creation, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has invested in property with a view to building up and retaining the assets acquired and basing its development on a strategy emphasising a long-term perspective.

The Group marked a new stage in the life of the business with the creation of TEYCHENE INVEST BELGIQUE and the development of subsidiaries formed in 2011 following its canvassing of the Belgian market in 2010. The Group's main development thrusts are the search for partners contributing equity capital, the setting-up of a high-performing Belgian team and the abiding drive to accelerate the pace of acquisitions while also increasing the average investment per transaction.


Over the years, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has built up a diversified property portfolio with a strong bias for commercial premises, striving to retain, develop and generate earnings from it.

In 2013, the Group maintained this investment strategy in France and Belgium, while stepping up the search for financial partners having sizeable equity capital but not possessing the Group's know-how or its business-specific technical skills.

The Group is therefore continually seeking new investment opportunities, with a focus on letting commercial premises in prime locations to retail brands with a nationwide ambit.


In many respects, 2012 was a difficult, unpredictable and unstable year for all the business players on the real-estate market.

In this very particular context, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group performed well over the year in terms of both the value of acquisition outlays and the average net triple bottom line profitability rate achieved (of some 7.50%).

Moreover, special emphasis was given to both tenant quality (C&A, Go Sport, Kiabi, Dia among others), and choice of location (Valence les Couleurs, Maurepas Pariwest, Poitiers Futuroscope and elsewhere) – in other words, emphasising site sustainability.

2013 also featured the active, continuous and aggressive search for financial partners with the aim of creating new business entities with sizeable equity capital for conducting portfolio acquisitions or prime transactions of a highly significant scale and amount.

Lastly, we can point to the excellent results from the Belgian subsidiaries, which have already scored three very fine acquisitions and a €35 million transaction for an office building in Brussels, the head office of a renowned international retail brand.

Thus, despite a tight credit market, an uncertain and lack-lustre economic context and the complex, unstable international situation, the Group is beginning 2016 equipped as necessary to continue its acquisitions, seize opportunities, support tenants and support and advise its partners.

Again this year, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has opted for a sound development approach, and for consolidating alliances and partnerships with developers or investors. The following are the objectives for 2016:

  • Acquisition of properties in France and Belgium for a minimum amount of €100 million
  • Letting to retail brands of national and international ambit
  • Increasing the occupancy rate to a minimum of 99%
  • Partnerships with knowledgeable investors

Accordingly, the French and Belgian teams should finalise some major partnership ventures during 2016.

With the creation of the Belgian business and the search for investor partners, the FINANCIERE TEYCHENE Group has resolutely opted for expansion, openness, and growth.

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